A starter kit with your PayZen Payment Form

Requirements :

  • PHP (5.4 +)
  • In config/config.php :
    • Your SHOP ID
    • Your Certificate (TEST or PRODUCTION)
    • Mode (TEST or PRODUCTION)
    • Platform URL

Form Examples


Instant Payment Notification ipn-return.php

When the payment is done, the gateway sends some parameters by POST mode to the server URL which analyzes the payment results. First you have to check the signature. If it is correct then you will be able to take the payment parameters into consideration.

Return URLs form-return.php

When the customer comes back to the shop through one of the return URLs, the payment parameters are sent back depending on the vads_return_mode. Depending on the vads_return_mode setting, the parameters are sent by POST mode, GET mode or not at all.

In this package, the form-return.php file controls the signature and analyzes the payment results. First the script checks the signature and then analyzes the main fields. It is up to you to adapt the code to your context.


The PAYZEN support recommends to read the settings analysis documentation on